Advertising So Cheap That It Can Pay For Itself

Advertising So Cheap

Pay it yourself

Our products allow you to market your business and your services in a number of clever ways. Our products allow you to increase turnover to the point where the advertising starts to pay for itself.

How do you make advertising pay for itself?

All it takes is a little bit of creativity. We hear lots of stories about how our cardboard advertising tissue pack pays for itself when it is used the right way. Here are three ways we heard of from our customers last month.

1 – Buy cheap and sell portions of it

This means buying tissue pack marketing and selling a portion of the marketing to another company. They give you an advert that appears on a section of the tissue marketing item and they pay you a fee for sharing the costs. However, our fees are so small that some companies are sharing the cost with other people, while actually having them pay for the whole thing.

This is especially easy if you buy a tissue box with four sides and give two of the sides to another company. They think they are getting a deal because they are getting half of the box marketing and your distribution channel, while only paying half. They don’t know they are paying for the whole thing, so they are happy and think they are getting a bargain.

2 – Offer discount codes related directly to each piece of packaging

This clever little technique involves making the packaging itself valuable. If people are able to gain a discount code from the printed tissue or packaging, then the items themselves become more valuable. If a consumer is able to get a discount code from the packaging and nowhere else, then people will go to the trouble of sharing the boxes around just so that people can use the discount codes.

People will use their mobile phones to use the discount codes whilst they are in a waiting room or office. You are able to measure the success of each discount code and analytically see how much money your tissue packaging is bringing in.

3 – Have it turn over more sales

Most of our clients claim that their tissue marketing simply increases sales. This is probably the most consistent way in which our marketing supplies help to pay for themselves. The amount of times their customers respond that they got their information from a tissue box or pocket tissue wrapper are immeasurably high. Flicker At Happy Tissue

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