There are so many tissue printing companies in Singapore but we are confident to say that we are the best. We operate 24/7 as we understand the urgency of time factor for every tissue order from ordering to delivery.

Having printed so many wallet tissues, we truly understand one of the most important factors of the tissue pack is the quality of print. We spent huge amount of time and resources into R&D to develop quality tissue paper and be the best printer.

While we offer the most cost effective solutions for your marketing campaigns, our marketing team can present you most customized solutions to meet your company’s marketing requirements.

Happytissue has a very strict and diligent QC team to validate the quality of every single printed cover before it’s packed and shipped, ensuring the print consistency of every pack that you will be receiving.

Offset multi-colour printing  on plastic is a complex process as plastic shrink and stretch while going through the high speed offset printer. Hence QC is a very important step in our production line and we always believe in long term working relationship.

With this kind of quality, service and assurance we are convinced that our price is the lowest in the market.

Case study 1: We had an order of 20 000 packs, printing was slightly deregistered on some of the packs as alot of colours was involved in that design .We reprinted up to 50k packs and pick out only the perfect print to pack and ship to client . We still meet our promised timeline and absorb all charges.


Offering the best price that no one in the market is even close.

Arouse curiousity

Stand out from other advertisements and get the attention.


We only focus on advertising tissue and don’t print other stuff.

Highest Quality

We use the highest quality tissue to make your company brand proud.

4 Printed sides

Ample advertising space to bring your message across clearly.

Marketing Team

Maximising the potential of Happytissue to suit your company’s needs.

Positive Acceptance

Everyone will be happy to receive your advertisement.

Viral effect marketing

Tissue are shared and so is your advertisement.

High Retentivity

Your advertisement will be kept and receive more exposure.