Anatomy of How Tissue Advertising Campaign works, an infographic by happy tissue

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How Tissue Advertising Campaign works

As soon as you read the title of this blog, many of you may jump to conclusion that how hard can advertising using tissues can be. But the reality reveals something else. Tissue advertising is a innovative task of marketing. Especially when it is competing with the latest advanced marketing strategy. Tissue advertising was invented in Japan and now it has imbued to Singapore.
The strategies involved in tissue marketing vary in different countries. Since, this is a new way of marketing; the strategy that worked in Japan may not work that efficiently as it did in Japan. There are many ideas to implement and execute in order to achieve the rate of speed tissue marketing had in Japan. Some of them will be discussed in this post.
Some people are allured to attractive packages. Be it chocolates or clothing, packing it in a unique way is sure to make the customers gaze upon it for some time. So, using this strategy, tissues can be marketed. This is an added advantage as the brands names can be advertised even on the boxes or packages.

tissue marketing

A copier shaped tissue box

Let’s say for example, a copier manufacturing company has to advertise using tissue marketing technique. The above image shows how unique and creative this strategy can get. Designing the box in the shape of a copier and then printing the brand name of the company in the tissues will surely attract enormous population.



There is always something more creative than the existing strategy. So, for starters, the basic question they have to confront is where and how to market tissues? Here are some places and ways to market your tissues.

    1. 1. Road show: a road show is bound to attract huge population for obvious reason. This is one of the places to promote your brand using tissue marketing. The audience is the population and if marketed in a unique way, the population will be allured towards the product.


    1. 2. Taxis: These days, the marketing platform has increased tremendously. Even in taxis, companies are discovering a marketing platform. With brand names printed on standard tissues, which are placed within the customers reach makes it all the more convenient. This way, the marketing part is done and it creates a friendly ambience and increase the chances the customer taking the same cab again.


    1. 3. Presentation in public gatherings: You must have seen many promotional events in malls and many public gatherings. These are the new places where you can market using tissues. Instead of handing out printed advertisements, handing out free tissues has more effect in tissue marketing.


    1. 4. In educational material for children: Many non-profit organizations are providing free study materials to many under developed schools; this is also a platform to promote using tissues. With these free study materials, issuing free tissues will put smiles on children’s faces as they get a complementary tissue with free study materials.


    1. 5. Restaurants and movie theatres: Going out to eat for the weekend and then maybe catching a movie is the leisure activity maximum number of working people do. So, the population in these two places is always tremendously huge in number during weekends. Tissues can be marketed here too. Along with the usual way of handing out, it can also be integrated with the menu cards in restaurants and movie tickets. Since, it is from a different source, the receiving population increases.


    1. 6. Sport events and social networks: Sports is followed by many people around the world. So during any famous sporting event, the audience attendance is numerous. This can be taken as a medium to promote and use tissues as your transport of the brand’s proclamation. Along with this, the role of social networking is also crucial. It also acts as a platform for all kinds of people and can be taken advantage of.

The innovations in marketing are never ending. There should be ideas well thought in advance to implement and compete with changing generation and technology. Advertising is no more the task of contrasting on rival companies. It’s about ensuring a permanent spot in the lives of customers. The need to keep up with the changing and varying demands of people is momentous. Therefore advertising in the right place at the right time is what marketing is all about.

Singapore, with its growing standards has many advancements happening in all sectors. Advertising too has not been left behind. The increase in quality of all the sectors in Singapore is proved by the success of companies like Happy Tissues. A tissue advertising company in Singapore, they are known for their creativity and dedication. They strive to create a masterpiece by blending innovation and uniqueness into the squared napkin to make their client more popular.

Tissue advertising

The unique collection of tissue packing designs from Happy Tissues.

The above image is a reflection on creativity of Happy Tissues. The design varies and is crafted scrutinizing every minute detail and delivering something even better than what was actually expected from their clients.      


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