Cheap Advertising is Worth Five Times What You Pay

 Cheap Advertising is more feasible

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 Cheap Advertising is Worth Five Times What You Pay

Trying to decide what type of ads to put on your tissue box is quite troubling. It is not like junk mail advertising for the simple reason that people are going to look at your tissue ads a lot more than they look at your junk mail ads. With junk mail you have to make an impact in anywhere under eight seconds, whereas with tissue marketing you are able to make an impact over a far longer period of time. People may keep your boxes for months, meaning that your advertising needs to be suitable and applicable.

Slower advertising vs. big impact

As it said in the introduction, your tissue marketing campaign does not have to make a big splash the moment it is seen. If something is too loud, then it may become offensive to look at. This is especially true if you order box tissues, as they may be kicking around a house or office for a long time. People are not going to relish the idea of having your box litter up their office or waiting room looking as if it fell from an arcade stand. People are going to want something that is a little more subtle, to the point of making your ads harder to see.

Cheap Advertising On the other hand, you have pocket sized tissues that do not tend to be seen as often (as they are in people’s pockets). This means that you can be a little louder and a little faster. Marketing timelines are shorter when it comes to pocket tissues because for the most part they will be hidden and will only show off your advertisements in fleeting bursts. Plus, pocket tissues are kept for a month whereas box tissues may last half a year, so there is that to consider too. If you have a small run of pocket tissues, then an ad with a shorter shelf life is acceptable (e.g. a winter offer, etc).

Why would tissue based advertising methods be worth five times the cost?

Think about impact vs. cost. If you pay for an ad in the newspaper then your impact is over a large group but only occurs once. If you advertise on tissue boxes and paper then the impact group is smaller, but people are going to see your ads again and again. Where junk mail buys you a one-time impact, tissue paper advertising is going to buy you at least five views per product purchased, added to which there is great potential for hundreds of people to see just one product.

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