Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are often confused as synonyms by most people, mainly because their aim is the same: Getting more people to buy your product or hire your services in order to increase your sales. However, there is a subtle difference between the two terms and an understanding of that difference will let you make proper marketing and advertising strategies. This article will explain those differences in detail.

Marketing Definition

Marketing is basically a whole large process that decides how your services or products will be introduced into the market.

Advertising Definition

Advertising is simply a presentation of your product or service which persuades people to buy it.

Looking into the differences in detail

Marketing includes, but is not limited to advertising. It can be rightly said that advertising is a subset of marketing. In other words, advertising is always marketing but marketing is not always advertising.


This shows that marketing is basically a long term process and it includes a number of things besides advertising, such as:

  • Media planning
  • Market research
  • Product pricing
  • Public relations
  • Customer support
  • Distribution
  • Community involvement
  • Sales strategy etc.

Each of these has its own importance in increasing the sales of the products and marketing is incomplete even if a single component is missing.


So how can advertising be done? There are a number of ways to advertise your service or product. It can be done through Newspapers, Television, Radio, Magazines, Flyers, and Brochures etc. For marketing, you need a proper research and then devise a plan according to it. You need to keep the statistics etc. in mind. For advertising, all you need to do is to contact a good advertising agency and then rely on their creativity.

Through marketing, you tell people why exactly to buy your product or hire your service in detail. By advertising, you just instill the idea in their mind, each advertisement reminding them the existence of your product. You just present your brand name in the most creative way possible.

For marketing, you have to take care about your audience, how much are they willing to pay for it and what are the current rates of similar products, how would you advertise it, how much your customers are satisfied with your service or product, how do you plan to sell it etc. When you go for advertising, you have to be more concerned about making it entertaining for the audience. For example, you could include a jingle which people would remember etc. You need to make sure that your ad is not dull and boring or else people would get the same impression of your product or service.

To summarize all that is said above, marketing is more about what you plan inside the office whereas advertising is more about what you present outside the office to the audience. Both are equally importance for the sales of your product or service and ignoring either of them may result in a drastic drop in your sales.

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