HappyTissue – Rationale Behind Our Tissue Pack’s Design

Albert Einstein once said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” This quote holds true and is something that needs to be inculcated in our everyday life. One way to add value is by doing things that are not just beneficial to oneself but to the society as well. An important aspect is to help form a society that is inclusive of people with special needs and empower them to be active contributors to the society.

At HappyTissue, we feel it is our responsibility to contribute towards this goal. Our target beneficiaries are individuals with intellectual disadvantage as we have witnessed ourselves the challenges faced by some of our personal friends with similar condition. Our social mission is to encourage an engaged and inclusive society while enabling persons with special needs to be active contributors to the society.

Autism Awareness
printing tissue colours

Having been in the business for the past 6 years, we felt now it’s the right time for us to embark on our social mission which was there as of day 1 of HappyTissue’s incorporation. We see the positive acceptance rate of our printed tissue packs as a potential bridge to allow the general public to interact with the persons with special needs and in the meantime, get a glimpse of their abilities and strengths.

With this motivation in mind, we conceptualized the design of our 3rd edition of HappyTissue’s pack. Our tissue packs picturize a puzzle, indicative of the fact that we are all different pieces but come together to form the society, we exist in.

There are several other notions behind the puzzle on our tissue pack. Did you know that people with Autism love solving puzzles? They solve puzzles for their indulgence. Each Autistic individual has different characteristics, which is why they are referred to as the piece of a larger puzzle known as Autism.

The Blue-Yellow ribbon symbolizes those with Down Syndrome.

When we incorporate these elements into our packs, it is bound to stir the curiosity of the consumer who will put in some effort to understand the rationale behind these elements. We’ve included a QR code on the inside panel that leads them to a landing page where they can read more regarding the Characteristics of people with Autism and Down Syndrome

However, we also felt the necessity to include something fun yet useful. The word CHOPE was incorporated into the colorful puzzle design which makes it very attractive and eye-catchy. The face of the pack can help you reserve a spot while you queue up.

Since Chope has become an integral part of every Singaporean’s daily life, the packs tend to connect with people on a more personal level.

The packs have a transparent inner and back panel, which means they’re versatile and their advertising purpose can be modified by using different inserts.

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