Advent of Modern Marketing     

Today’s world has become increasingly smaller, all thanks to globalization. Communication has never been easier and this has contributed to the advent of marketing, with marketers using innovation to drive change and increase their customer base.



Another consequence of globalization is the increase in competition as every brand now wants to get into the limelight, outshining one another.

Businesses are using all sorts of marketing tools and gimmicks to put themselves in the consumers’ radar.


Marketers are left spoilt for choice as there are a plethora of techniques and strategies for them to choose from.


A Matter of Preference

The choice to digitize, stay traditional or blend in both is at the discretion of the business. They can choose what’s best for them, although a majority of brands use a combination of both to maximize efficiency.


Change Propels Growth.

Innovation is important, even if it is through traditional marketing. Innovation is what drives change and helps propel the business.

The modern world requires businesses to use traditional marketing methods as well so to as to stick out from the pile of junk that is found in the digital space, lest they are lost in the digital mound.

In order to achieve success across any platform, it is essential for the business to identify the market, understand the preferences of the consumers and strategize from their point of view.



There has been a substantial drop in the average attention span of a person over the past decade, which means that if you don’t get the person interested in your product/idea within seven seconds, there’s a high chance they won’t care any further.

Understanding this is essential in order to design ads that capture the attention of a consumer. This way, the message can be conveyed effectively and register the brand with the consumer.

Traditional modes of marketing such as flyers, banners, pamphlets, etc. may seem like a plausible solution but they offer no incentive to the consumer. The ads conveyed through these modes may not be well received and sometimes even completely ignored.



Need for Innovation

Thus, arises a need for something that not only offers a good marketing solution but also acts an incentive to the consumer and entices them to engage with your ad.

Enter TISSUE ADVERTISING, a newly evolving form of marketing that uses the space on a tissue pack to place your ads. The tissues act as an incentive to the consumers and they’re exposed to your ad every time they take out a tissue, thus prolonging your ad’s exposure.

Traditional marketing methods are not boring or outdated. With constant innovation, brands are able to draw the consumers’ attention towards themselves, with tissue advertising serving as a very good example for this.


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