Marketing Benefits of Branded Tissue Products

There are many good ways to market and promote your business or organisation, and these days there are more choices available to you than ever before. Take online marketing for example: there is online paid advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing… to name only a few.

Now that the internet is so widely used, there are many businesses that focus most of their marketing efforts in the online space, but this can be a big mistake!

Real-world advertising, in particular printed tissue wallets and printed cardboard tissue packets, can be a highly effective marketing tool for businesses and organisations. They offer improved marketing potential over other types of online and offline marketing, and if you plan your marketing correctly you will quickly see the benefits. We like to think that these branded tissue products are the pinnacle of real-world marketing and promotion. Let’s see why.

Why Printed Tissue Products A Such A Great Tool


Flyers and leaflets are great, but the customer doesn’t hold onto them for long, and they don’t offer much usefulness to the customer. Customers keep tissue packets for much longer periods of time (maybe not too long if they have a cold!), and this high retentively means that your advertising will receive higher exposure. When you bring together the usefulness of tissues and your company or organisation, you create a very good impression. Positive association is something that the customer never forgets.

Tissues are something that people share frequently – many will happily give their printed tissue packets to their friends – and so for every single printed tissue wallet or packet you hand out, you can gain views from multiple people. You might have heard of the online viral effect; branded tissue products give you viral marketing in the real world.

Effective promotional products need to provide not just branding, but information. If your business is smaller, customers want to learn as much as possible to understand the ethos of your business and what you have to provide. Promotional printed products with large surface areas allow you to print lots of information, to explain your company and to give the customer important information such as opening hours and directions to your establishment. Printed tissue wallets provide up to 4 printed sides, which is plenty of space for including all of this important information.

The customers of today are choosy and well-informed. They need to be impressed by your real-world advertising if they are to buy your products and services, and this means quality, quality, quality! Happy Tissue understands that printing quality is the most important aspect of branded cardboard tissue packets and wallets, and we settle for nothing but the highest quality results.

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