Pocket Tissue That Pays More Than Pocket Money

tissue advertisement on the papers or box, and the item will not be instantly thrown away

Pocket Tissue That Pays More Than Pocket Money

Want to make some money–then give something away. Counter intuitive, but as the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” Big companies do not give away freebies for no reason. They do it because it helps to build their brand and make them more money in the long run.

The big secret to your success is here

One very important rule about giving away freebies is this: Your freebie must be worth something. People give away pencil toppers, pens, pencils, unreliable flash drives, key rings, and they wonder why their profits do not go up. The irony is that they give away free items that they do not use or keep themselves, and then wonder why their clients don’t keep them either.

Give away things that people can use and things that are of value. If you are not inclined to use the freebie, then you can be sure as heck that your clients and customers won’t use or keep them either.

This is where tissue pack marketing comes in

People can use tissues, which means you can comfortably add a tissue advertisement on the papers or box, and the item will not be instantly thrown away. You can advertise on the cardboard tissue pack of tissue boxes, however, if you are giving these away for free then it may turn out to be expensive. It is better to give them away to companies to put in their waiting rooms, or to companies with employee cubicles where your advertisements are displayed inside their cubicles to ream more about this you can see our Happy Tissue

You can try cheap tissue advertising Singapore and plastic advertising tissue if you wish, but a great way of giving away freebies for less is giving away pocket tissues. You can print your message on each tissue, or on the plastic packs they come with. It is very easy to give away pocket packs of tissues as very few people will refuse them.

This means you can give them out on the street and have quite a measure of success. If your message is location based (such as for your local store), then handing out packet of your marketing-message pocket tissues in the street is going to buy you a lot of positive publicity for a very small outlay.

There is a chance that your marketing message may only appeal to a handful of people and it may buy you a small group of customers, but they may become loyal customers who refer you to others. On the other hand, if you happen to create a very good marketing message for your pocket tissues, then you may have a great response that beats anything you would have gained through a newspaper, online or magazine advertisement.

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