Reaching Out To Your Potential Customers with Tissue Marketing

Tissue advertising is comparatively a new advertising medium using custom-designed tissue packaging in all over the world. Here in Happy Tissue, we designed to provide excellent printing solutions to your company needs using state of the art expertise. Tissue advertising is our subsequent endeavor to market in the business. Usually flyers are gone unattended and usually thrown in the trash can, tissue packaging is widely used and everyone appreciates a free supply of tissues. Tissue packs are normally kept until completely utilized, thus offering a long circulation and retention period.

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Reaching Out to Potential Customers Through Tissue Advertising. 

According to statistics, over 4 billion packs of tissue packets adorned with advertising are handed out in Japan each year. This promotion method has been originated in Japan since 1960s and has now been influenced to the respite of Asia, and now auxiliary recently to Europe, North America and beyond.

10 Reason Why to Choose Happy Tissue:          

  1. Latest style & more effective way of advertisement from Asia, United States, United Kingdom and many more countries.
  2. Everyone desire to have free tissues & tissue advertising in this way is no wasting of your advertisement. So people would be grateful to hold and carry these tissues.
  3. Easy to be carry on & split with friends, family, colleagues etc.
  4. Appropriate for all age groups & can be utilized anywhere and at anytime.
  5. It is a dynamic & straight technique of converse with shopper.
  6. More striking to the public and comes forward to be noticeable with your advertisement.
  7. Mass revelation & the most ideal way to remind the target consumers about your brand.
  8. Broaden the life extent of your advertisement.
  9. It can act as a keepsake for your customers.
  10. Cheaper way of smart advertisement.


It’s utilized, particularly throughout hypersensitivity season similarly as throughout contagious disease season, to avoid a liquid or stuffy nose whereas out and concerning. Tissue marketing adman corporations accomplished this reality comparatively recently and came out with travel-sized tissue packs which will be simply slipped into a handbag or pocket whenever the patron feels they could would like one. Once addressing having a chilly or stricken by allergies, the straightforward ability to blow one’s nose will desire a lifesaver. Tissue promoting builds on this concept by permitting businesses to print their ads on the front of 1 of those travel tissue packs. This may be a good style of advertising for multiple reasons.

First, in contrast to the old school advertisements on flyers, shoppers area unit a lot of less possible to easily throw out a pack of tissues. It’s a section of attribute to carry onto things that may be helpful, that the odds area unit smart that the majority receivers of a tissue packet can pocket them instead of moving them. Second, there’s a subconscious link once victimization the branded tissues between the company’s name and also the proven fact that you’re glad to possess a tissue during this state of affairs. Third, individuals area unit invariably asking their friends if they need a tissue to spare. If somebody is carrying around a company’s pack of tissues and area unit asked to share, the friend currently also will see the ad. Overall, tissue promoting is an inventive thanks to reach new audiences together with your advertisements.

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