Sending Christmas love to Singapore Cheshire Home

The Rotaract Club of NUS conducts various projects that targets different beneficiaries such as the intellectually disabled, elderly, children and youths. We have a total of 6 local volunteering projects that take place weekly at different community clubs or hospitals in Singapore. We also have 5 overseas projects during our vacation breaks where we bless the communities from Philippines, Laos and Thailand.

On 12 December 2018, the Rotaract Club of NUS Special Projects organised a Christmas party at the Singapore Cheshire Home, which provides care and treatment to the chronically ill and permanently disabled. The Christmas party included games, activities, lucky draws and sing-along sessions for the day-care clients. This was done to spread the joy of giving and love during this Christmas season.

The Christmas party started with games such as jigsaw puzzle race, bottle toss and charades. After the games, we had a handicraft activity where the clients could decorate their very own photo frames with Christmas related decorations (e.g. ribbons and stickers). To make it extra special, we took individual polaroid pictures for them to slot it in their photo frames so that it serves as a momento for them. We also engaged the beneficiaries by playing “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” whereby Christmas and Chinese songs were played and they had to guess the next sentence that comes after the music stops. This was followed by a performance put up by the home staff and sing-along session led by the volunteers. During the lucky draw session, we presented the beneficiaries with electronic home appliances and NTUC vouchers that were sponsored by the Cheshire Home.

At the end of the party, we presented the beneficiaries with our very own goodie bags, which contain sponsored items from different companies, including HappyTissue. These tissues sponsored were given directly to the clients and / or residents at the Home. The Cheshire Home Christmas Party Organising Committee would like to sincerely thank HappyTissue for embarking on this project with us and their contribution. We thank you for your generosity in sponsoring us and helping to bless the beneficiaries of Cheshire Home during this Christmas season.

Blog credit: Ng Kok Jun, NUS Rotaract Club member 

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