During the initial days of invention of visiting cards, it was believed to increase marketing and exposure to more and more customers. Then it was not that effective after invention of computers. Almost all organisations still use visiting cards. But they have an agenda that their visiting cards should be unique and draw more customers to check out their product. So, as a result visiting cards were diversified with different designs, materials, shapes etc.

With the invention of tissue marketing, the marketing platforms expanded giving more opportunities and employment to new people. This is the advantage with new inventions. It increases jobs in job market. As a result of increasing jobs, the expectation for something new and unique products also increases. This is where the innovators of marketing step in and compete to provide the best marketing techniques which increases their sales. Sales has to increase because there is some amount of investment in the new marketing techniques. Companies would demand results for these investments.

tissue marketing

Like visiting cards, tissue marketing also needs diversification. As more and more companies are establishing tissue advertising techniques, the pandemonium of choosing the best tissue advertising company is frustrating. Tissue marketing is a simple process and its easy to do. This is the reason the competition is fierce in this sector. There is a constant need to make this better and better to keep the customers enticed towards the service and products.


The basic methods used were offering promotional coupons, offers and handing out free tissues. This has become outdated and the need for new diversifications is increasing drastically. One such new innovation is including barcodes and square bar code. This is a good marketing technique because it kind of creates curiosity in people and they want to know where this code will lead them to. Lets say a barcode is printed in a corner along with the company’s brand name and all the other service details. When this is handed out to a person, he grabs his smart phone with excitement and scans and waits till he reaches where the URL takes him. It is often a video advertisement,  a company website or sometime some health campaign or a poor patient in need of donation.

tissue marketing

The ideas for marketing is never ending. There is always a better idea to compete with your marketing strategy. The advantages in simple and cost efficient marketing technique is reassuring for lucrative business establishments.

With fading of print advertisements, the invention and innovations in tissue advertising gives a feeling of lingering need for print advertisements like hand outs, flyers etc. Tissue Advertising  sector has come back to the basic mode of marketing that is printing advertisements after exploring advanced media advertisements like internet video ads.

Diversification is a necessity for any sector as people will get bored with the same old clichés. Upgrade to the current trend is necessary to connect with the people of the current generation. Diversification precedes this task which makes it a continuously changing and upgrading technique in the modern world.

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