Tissue Ads That won’t Leave You Crying

Tissue Ads

Tissue Ads

Tissue pack advertising

Cheap advertising is certainly something that a lot of people strive to find, although it is often not worth the money. Sure, you can have a nice impact by printing flyers, but it does not always equate to the most effective marketing method.

What makes for effective marketing or Tissue Ads ?

It could simply be putting the correct product in the correct place. Even if it is something such as giving out free pocket sized samples at your local cinema when a sad movie is showing. For example, if you were to have handed out free sample tissues for the last 1/3rd of Toy Story 3, then every single person would have used them.

Would they have seen your advertisements in the cinema? Of course not, but they would have bonded with the item enough to not throw it straight in the bin. This means that they see your message when the tissues are retrieved from handbags and pockets at a later date.

There may also be a trickle of gratitude associated with the ads on there, since the tissues were around when the user needed them the most. Couple this idea with a marketing ploy such as “Always there when you need us” and the ads are going to be a smash hit. Put simply, an effective advertisement is nothing more than having a good idea, coupled with the right time, place and people.

For example, if you were to have handed out your pocket tissues for free at a movie documenting the life of African cats, then the slogan “Always there when you need us” will make no sense whatsoever.

What about printed tissue paper?

It may sound like a silly idea to print your message on the tissue itself, but ask yourself how much you would pay to have your ad literally pushed into the faces of thousands of people. Tissue paper printing does exactly that as it is printed text that reaches the faces of your audience. Sure, they are not going to read it every time, but even if the packet only has 25 sheets, it is still 25 opportunities for people to see your advertisement.

Add to this the fact that tissues are often shared, and you have the makings of a very dynamic and powerful marketing campaign. All you have to do is make sure that your printed tissue is not offensive enough to make people recoil. For example, people may not feel comfortable blowing their nose on the Fairy Liquid washing up liquid logo (it’s a baby).

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