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Tissue advertising, or also known as tissue pack marketing, is a kind of new advertising technique, wherein marketing messages are printed on tissue packages. This type of advertisement is now considered one of the most cost-effective strategies in the field of marketing. In Japan, about 4 billion of tissue packages are distributed on streets annually

History of Tissue Advertising

Tissue advertising was first used in Japan. It was developed in 1960 by Hiroshi Mori, the founder of Meisei Industrial Co. It started when Mori was looking for ways to increase the sales for paper products, which he was then producing. At that time, the most common form of marketing method was with use of boxes and matches, but Mori didn’t find it appealing.

Later on, he thought about using tissues to increase the exposure of its paper products. He found out that tissues would have better appeal to the masses than the traditional boxes and matches. With that in mind, he developed the machinery for the production of pocket tissues. When he found out that it was effective, he continuously used the technique until it became the most effective form of advertising in Japan. After some time, this marketing technique was spread to the US and other parts of the world.

Benefits of Tissue Advertising

Usually, the traditional ways of advertising, such as giving away fliers and brochures, are being ignored by people. Leaflets, fliers, and other promotional tools are easily discarded without even being read or glanced. But with the surveys conducted, this is not true when it comes to promotional tissue packs. One possible reason is because tissues offer more functions than fliers and leaflets. So if you’re a business owner, you may want to consider promotional tissues as part of your advertising. Here are the benefits:

  • Getting the message directly into consumer’s hands

Similar to leaflets, brochures, and fliers, tissue packs can be easily distributed since they are small, portable, and only lightweight.

  • Getting the attention of potential consumers

Since tissue advertising is a kind of unique approach, people get easily enticed to look at the promotional message printed on each tissue package.

  • Getting multiple exposure

Every tissue pack contains several sheets of tissue. If, for instance, there are 10 sheets inside the pack, your ad will possibly be exposed to the user 10 times. This is unlike to leaflets and fliers, which are easily discarded by the consumers.

  • Getting the chance to reach more potential buyers

Packs of tissues are often shared by friends and family members. This habit provides an effective marketing as it expose your product to a wider reach.

  • Saving a lot of advertising cost

Every business knows that advertising a product can be costly. But this is untrue when it comes to tissue advertising. Tissue papers are recyclable products, which make them more affordable than other forms of advertising campaign.

If your business, organization, or group needs to create exposure for your products or services, tissue advertising is a better choice. With the effective and quick results of tissue pack marketing, your business will surely get what it needs – to ensure that your message is delivered to your targeted audience.

The objective is achieved by simply allowing your message to be printed on tissue packs and putting those directly into the public’s hands.

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