Tissue Ads can lead to a better advertising campaings in Singapore


What is the one thing that everybody needs? Well, most people? Tissues! In advanced time like today, marketing becomes a prime factor in deciding the outcome and success of a particular product. Marketing takes a big slice in the whole investment cake for establishment of a business. Tissue advertising is a unique, affordable and a effective mode of marketing. Tissue marketing ensures that the message that needs to be conveyed to your clients is passed on in a simple and an efficient way making the clients aware of the services provided by your company.


Tissue Advertising Singapore is a new advertising medium that uses custom designed tissue packing. Tissues are embellished with attractive and interesting tag lines, quotes and images making the client more enticed towards your company and thus increasing your client population.

Tissue advertising in Singapore is the next generation marketing technique delivering the desired exposure to the market. Its free and affordable at many places and making it more reliable . Tissue Advertising Singapore does exactly that and assures to market your product to the highest level possible. They showcase your companies proclamation to the next level.

tissue advertising singapore

Flyers go unnoticed and pamphlets aren’t received by everyone, but tissues are distributed free of cost and people at least glance through the advertisements once. Another advantage of tissue marketing is that the public can retain the advertisement or the message that may include different sales annually. Another method of advertising a certain product is by giving coupons in form of tissues which performs dual task of advertising and endorsing your product. Of course this cannot be given to all the people, but can be considered to give out in areas where the demand is more and due to the cost, sale has decreased. So when the sale is proclaimed, the sale increases and buyers multiply to take advantage of the sale or the offer.

tissue advertising singapore

Pocket Tissue That Pays More Than Pocket Money

Origin of Tissue Marketing

Tissue marketing technique was originated in Japan in 1960’s and since then the trend has sprawled all over the world making it a unique and the best mode of tissue advertising in singapore for small scale companies which may further grow to become a larger company depending upon the success of the product and the distance of the marketing.

tissue advertising singapore

Television advertising is one of the most opted  for advertisement companies including big companies. But, the disadvantage and the problem with that mode of advertising is not many people watch television. Some people may not be able to afford one and some may not have the time or patience to watch television but these people come out because they may have to travel to work or maybe a visit a family member or for maybe some other reason. These people are the audience who can be marketed on. Handing out tissue packages with the required advertisement branded on the tissue will make them want to explore further about the product because the content used on tissues will be alluring.Tissue marketing is the new, unique, and affordable mode of advertising with guaranteed result.

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