Tissue Marketing Ideas That Are Not to Be Sneezed at

Tissue Marketing Ideas

Tissue box

Tissue Marketing Ideas

How can you make your tissue pack advertising more cost effective and usable? You do it with great ideas. The compulsion to printing on tissue is not the first thought of many marketing companies, which means that your advertisements will be both high impact and automatically innovative. If your competition is not doing it, then you can get in before they realize how cheap it has now become to do. The cost of tissue advertisement has fallen dramatically recently because of the advanced laser printing technology being used.

Add a great slogan to your tissue pack marketing

“Our prices are not to be sneezed at” is a simple slogan, but it works. It may be because it works on two levels, and even though it is unfair to downplay the intelligence of your consumer, it is fair to say that some people would appreciate such a slogan on your tissue packs.

Add an image for people to sneeze on

If people have strong views on a certain subject, then they will take great pleasure in blowing their nose on the image of something. If your business it tied in with a group that has great disdain for another group, then adding the image of a group is going to get your message out there. For example, if you run an environmentalist group, then having printed pocket tissues with the logo of ESSO on them is going to please a lot of people. The people who know a little about environmentalism will know just how much Esso has helped build global warming whilst disseminating the earth. Plus, people who do not know what they have done may be informed by your advertisements. You can do this for any figure that your target consumer does not like do check out our brochour at Scribd.

Boxes that attract attention

Printing on a piece of tissue is literally going to push your marketing message in the faces of your consumer. But, the tissue box is also a long standing item that is basically sitting advertising space in homes, offices and places of work. You can put your ads on tissue boxes and people will see your ads all day long.

You can put clever slogans on your boxes that border on ingenious to downright rude. For example, if you are advertising a dating site then you could write, “Get a date and you won’t need these anymore.” Or, you could go with the less suggestive slogan; “Pull more than tissue” that you place on the cardboard tissue pack where people pull tissue from the box.

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