Tissue Pack Marketing: The Tactic Every Creative Advertiser Is Using

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Regardless of the type of business you own, you are incessantly pushing your name out there and promoting your product. In the current over-competitive marketing world, there are two main ways to get your name out there: chuck out huge amounts of cash for a 30 second commercial, or be creative and devise cheaper and effective ways to promote your product. One creative way of promoting your product is: tissue pack marketing.

This is a marketing concept where companies have their logos, names, and advertisements printed on a pocket tissue. The printed tissue is then handed out at a crowded city to various passersby. Depending on the product or service advertised, the printed tissue is given out to the target population. For example, if your target population is women, the tissue packs will be given out to women.

This concept creates an authentic value exchange between the company (whose products or services are advertised) and the customer. The customer feels appreciated by being given a free product. At the same time, the company feels that it has achieved its target— reaching as many people as possible.


Tissue pack marketing holds a lot of potential. In one of the most recent internet surveys done in over 100,000 customers (men, women, and children), 80% of the customers said that they will accept tissue packs given to them. Also, of the customers surveyed, 50% of them said that they will most definitely read the advert in the tissue. This shows that your advertisement has the potential of reaching over half of the target population!

Other than reaching a wider market, use of pocket tissue in your marketing adds value to the customer. The tissue paper is viewed as an asset since the customer can use it for various purposes. Due to the value attached to the tissue paper, the customer is more ready to accept the promotional material (tissue paper).

In addition to being easily acceptable, the tissue paper also has high retention. Since the customer will be using the tissue paper either to remove dirt or blow their nose, the customer will have the tissue for a much longer time. The high retention increases the customer’s awareness of the products and services advertised in the tissue paper. Most often, the repeated and continuous exposure of the customer to the advert over a period of time increases the conversion rate.

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