#WANTONNEOFLOVE – one tonne (wanton) of love. Alongside the managerial team of Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency, local actress and Singapore Red Cross ambassador Ya Hui organised a charity drive on 3rd February 2018 at Wong Kee Wanton Noodles (Timbre+) to raise awareness and funds for the beneficiaries. Reprising her role as the iconic Hong Jin Zhi a.k.a Wanton Noodles Princess in the Channel 8 long-form serial, 118 , Ya Hui showcased her quirky persona, truly bringing her character to life.

Prior to the day of the drive, Ya Hui’s fanclub, TeamYahui received significant support from HappyTissue who generously sponsored tissue packets to promote the event. After setting aside two bulks of tissue packets, the team went on to design and print collateral inserts. Sincerely and carefully designed, one insert showcased the details of the drive, while another dawned a “thank you” note. In the week leading up to the drive, a couple of members from the team set out public areas such as Buona Vista and One-north to distribute an estimated 2,500 packets, aimed at promoting the drive to members of the public.

Ya Hui as Hong Jin Zhi in 118

Image credit @teamyahui

The remaining packets were set aside for distribution on the day of the drive as a token of appreciation of their support towards Ya Hui and the Singapore Red Cross beneficiaries. The distribution of the tissue packets went well, way beyond our expectation. As with some of our experience with the usual flyer distribution, we expected the process of promoting and distributing to take awhile, but to pleasant surprise, not only were the public receptive to the tissue packets, they were in fact, interested and appealed by insert and actually asked in details about the event. It was really gratifying when we hear feedback on how innovative and practical this promotional effort was. Plus points for tissue!

Image credit @calvin.pkl @ryancheng80

With all proceeds going to the Singapore Red Cross and noodles personally dished out by Ya Hui, the queue at Wong Kee had more than 70 people in line at one point. With such an overwhelming response by enthusiastic fans of Ya Hui and members of the public, the drive had to be extended by an hour. The queue had to eventually be cut off earlier to meet the demand. Despite some having to wait for almost two hours just to get their wanton mee fix, the supporters were patient and supportive.

Ya Hui was dedicated and compassionate, preparing and serving lunches to 91 beneficiaries from Lion Befrienders, the Singapore Red Cross and Helping People Happy People Foundation without batting an eyelid. Only wrapping up the charity drive after 3pm, she served more than 200 plates of wanton noodles, and raised a total of $3,681.10!

Image credit @calvin.pkl @ryancheng80

Ya Hui and her fanclub, TeamYahui (Image credit @ah_liang_liang)

This drive would most definitely not have been possible without all who lended a helping hand in one way or another.

Blog credit: Ms Cassandra Goh, member of TeamYahui

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