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Printed Tissue Paper

Your message is what is important, not the way that you advertise. Some people prefer flyers advertising, and some people tissue advertising. Other people even prefer advertising in Singapore in order to get more for their money. No matter what your preference, your first priority should be getting the right message out to the right people.

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Creative and Effective Ideas for Tissue Advertising

       HappyTissue the Tissue advertising company does Printed Tissue Paper

If you are considering print tissue paper as a means of Tissue advertising, then Printed Tissue Paper need to be inventive in order to make the biggest impact. Tissues are an advertising medium that has a use, so you can put that work for you in the same way that printed shirts have a use or pens with your logo on them have a use. If you can tie your product or service into that use then you are on to a winner.

You can make your message funny, For example, if you are advertising your phone company prices, then you could print tissue boxes with the logos of your competition on them, with the tag line, “A little something for when you receive your next bill.” Then on the leaves of tissue you could write, “There is no need to shed another tear for your high phone bills if you join us.” This sort of tissue advertising is inspired and it has a bigger impact because the user is put through an experience before seeing your message.



The user cannot discern your marketing ploy through merely seeing your tissue box. When the proverbial penny drops and they see how you are marketing your products, it has a slightly bigger impact than if you had just written your prices or placed your advertisement on the outside of the tissue box.

Put your message on the paper if you wish

You do have the option of putting your message on the tissue box itself, but it often look like a mini billboard and people are not often too keen on having ad soaked items in their houses. So, you can make your box a pleasing grey or black, and then have your advertising hidden away on the sheets of paper themselves. Considering where your tissues are going to go, and where they will be seen is a big consideration. For example, if you are giving your box tissues away to medical centre waiting rooms, then adverts for drugs, sex and violence may not go down very well.

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