Why You Need to Choose Tissue Advertising

For years, marketing experts have been looking for ways to promote their products and services to millions of consumers all over the globe. Although hundreds of strategies have already been developed, advertisers continue to innovate — constantly looking for powerful and cost effective ways to advertise. One innovative example is tissue advertising.

What is Tissue Advertising?


Tissue advertising is a growing marketing campaign that was developed in Japan. Although this strategy was born more than 50 years ago, it was only during these past years that advertising experts recognized its huge marketing potential. The marketing campaigns are printed on the hard covers of customized tissue packs. These packs will then be distributed to the public for free. This type of offline advertising strategy is comparable to UK’s direct mail advertising campaigns but is much cheaper to produce. Studies show that on the average, redemptions on tissue advertising are twice as many as the direct mail systems’.


The number of companies that are now using tissue marketing as a medium for their advertising campaigns is a standing testimony of its prowess. The following are three mainreasons why you need to choose tissue advertising.
1. Make the most out of your money.
If you are going to choose between fliers, brochures and tissues, which one will you keep? Obviously, you will keep the tissues because it is something that you can use in the future. The efficiency level of tissue advertising is close to 100% because of this very reason: people willmost likely keep tissues in their bags than fliers and brochures. With wastage rating that is close to 0%, tissue advertising gives you the assurance of making the most out of that hard-earned advertising budget that you prepared for your business.

2.       More people, more leads, more money.

If you are going to make a guess, how many people are using tissues worldwide — two million, five million or maybe ten million? In Japan alone, 3 – 5 billion tissues are given away each year. If you will use this numbers to your advantage, your advertisements in the form of printed messages on tissue packages will literally reach billions of people every year and will mostly likely to stay in the hands of your target audience longer than any other forms of advertisements. img3

(Tissue advertising covers a wide variety of products and services from food and beauty products to island cruise escapades!)

  1. Multiple Exposures

A single tissue pack usually contains 8 to 10 sheets of tissue. If you will do the math, this means that your ads will be exposed to your target audience around 8-10 times. Tissues packs are also shared among friends, giving you a free and instant referral program.

Marketing plays a pivotal role in a company’s success. We have seen companies that have increased their ROIs by around 1400% just by printing advertising messages on tissue packages. No doubt, tissue advertising is one of the most cost-efficient and powerful marketing strategies in the business today. If you are looking for ways to increase your business’ exposure in a very economically competitive world then tissue paper advertising is definitely a must try.

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